Star Healing

(kindly shared by Kelly Hampton as channelled from Archangel Michael)

“I have declared this Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM because the source you will be drawing from is the energy from the Star/Pleiadian Galaxy. It makes no difference if you are familiar with this galaxy or not. My love goes to all. The energy from this galaxy is very powerful and wise. This form of healing will be valuable to those aged 5 to 80 and especially beneficial for those under the age of 30, as these souls have entered your world with new DNA strands.

The Crystalline, Atlantean, Rainbow, Indigo and Diamond souls who have arrived and who will continue to arrive know this healing system and will come to appreciate it as they know their names. Star Healing Intergalactic Energy is not meant to replace more familiar forms of healing like Reiki necessarily, only to enhance it. In some cases, however, souls will find that Star Healing Intergalactic Energy offers more benefits than Reiki and other forms of healing by allowing their clients to become more active participants in their own healing. As human beings you will go through a vibrational shift, many are experiencing it now. This shift will take humankind closer to the 5th dimension globally, an angelic realm. Star Healing Intergalactic Energy will take you closer vibrationally to this dimension and so closer to angelic frequencies. This will help you feel more peaceful and healthy.  Where there is peace and calm in the body there can be no illness.

As a form of healing, Star Healing Intergalactic Energy uses tone and frequency, crystals and gems to heal both the energetic and physical bodies at a molecular level. In addition, three sacred symbols are given. Many will journey to their original 5th dimensional homes through the opening of star gates. Others will simply feel fears releasing, addictions vanishing and other pains and diseases dissolving as a result. 

In Star Healing you will experience the power of sacred geometry and the use of tools such as wands, scepters, shields and curvilinear symbols. Star Healing Intergalactic Energy is not a silent form of healing. This is one part of the Ascension, where ego is removed so that healer and those receiving the healing are equals. Negative energy and unwanted patterns of behavior (including for some souls addictions) can be released. It also means that any ongoing health problems can be given fresh energy and finally, it means that emotional problems which may be repressed can be released to prevent physical disease in the future.  

Star Healing was set into motion long, long ago, but like a whisper it wasn't always heard. Now the time is right for all to hear. It is my desire that each of you lay aside any fears and extend yourselves into other galaxies and other healing dimensions. You may continue to pick up an old textbook or you may choose a new one. You will know if you are ready. Star Healing Intergalactic Energy may be given up to three times for the same set of conditions.” 

                                                  -- Archangel Michael

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   You are invited to read the growing list of testimonials and learn more of her work including her two books from Archangel Michael:
          • Into the White Light: the Revelations of Archangel Michael” 
          • 2012 and Beyond: The Truth from Archangel Michael”  
          • "The Book of Animals" 

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    *  BENEFITS  *

    Here is a PARTIAL list of some of the health conditions clients have reported relief or elimination of after receiving this amazing work --

        • Reduction or elimination of cancers, tumors, bone spurs
        • Circulatory disorders
        • Immune system dysfunction
        • Asthma and other respiratory conditions
        • Ringing in the ears
        • Carpal tunnel syndrome
        • Allergies
        • Soul traumas from abuse and other emotional damage
        • Addictions (smoking, alcohol, drug, dietary)
        • Compulsions, fears, phobias
        • Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
        • Body aches and pains including arthritis and slipped discs
        • Autism (Asperger's and other high spectrum conditions)
        • Sleep disturbances
        • Depression, memory loss
        • Migraines, gallstones and kidney stones
        • Hearing loss, infections, nerve damage
        • Cataracts and glaucoma
        • Nerve damage
        • Infections, viruses
        • Hearing Loss
    • Star Healing uses an Interstellar Highway.
    • Our chakras are upgrade and our 24-strand DNA is activated
    • Healing codes are given by the Beings of Light; the codes work in different ways, at the speed of light.  Sometimes they are in the form of tones that are detoxifying even if we can't hear.
    • Greater knowing increases.  Some report clairvoyance enhancement after their session.  
    • Others travel to their original 5th dimensional homes, experiencing bliss, peace and calm, going through star gates, receiving key code activations.

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(Spanish) ...   Haga CLICK sobre el anexo abajo
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