About Me

                                    "Everything is Energy, and Energy is Light."

My name is Catherine Cogorno. My healing background includes 15 years of practice in REIKI and Jin Shin. In 2012, thanks to STAR HEALING, I had a significant healing of my chronic back pain, through Star Healing founder, Kelly Hampton.  Always attracted to Archangel Michael’s teachings and loving service to humanity, I trained to become a certified Star Healing practitioner.

The results have been amazing, as expected.  I strongly recommend energy workers to consider elevating their healing practice by learning this powerful 5th dimensional system, gifted to us to upgrade us during the great planetary and human shift underway.  The 5th dimension is the Angelic Realm, the realm of Christ Consciousness, of Unconditional Love; the lowest level from which the Masters and Guides dwelling in higher abodes can operate to assist us.

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personal healing experience in Star Healing.

Star Healing Training Course with Kelly Hampton          
Mt. Shasta, 2014         

Welcome to a Session!

STAR HEALING feels like a poem full of metaphors flowing through your energy 
field.  Crystals, gems, sound frequency tools and essential oils are  used.  It can
performed in person or remotely.  The “Booking a Session” tab lists some guidelines.                
Benefits appear over a long period of time – like the sifting of flour”, Archangel 
Michael explains.

Who is Behind the Healing!

By our own Divine Will we enable our healing. The source of the techniques is the Pleiades, and the Pleiadians are facilitating the treatments, though many different Light Beings, Ascended Masters and Saints have been know to assist, as well.  The Pleiadians are more developed mentally and spiritually than humanity, they are Guardians and Teachers, and have been helping us for thousands of yrs.  Some Cherokee legends relay that their people originated from the Pleiades long ago, and that they came to Earth bringing light and knowledge.  Much of the hidden knowledge and wisdom from different sources are surfacing again.  

Love and Peace form the Healing nest, so why not step up to this wonder-full opportunity?   


Click File Below to read a Pleiadian Message, thanks to Elsie Milla.          

Catherine Cogorno,
Dec 22, 2014, 7:02 PM